New to online marketplaces?

SuperDisty provides product suppliers with a solution to immediately sell their products to online markets. There is strong demand from online markets, so if you have products to sell, SuperDisty is the best way to monetise your product portfolio.

In essence, we list your product offering on online markets and receive orders for your products. We verify that you are making a profit, find out if you have products on hand or remotely. We invoice the online retailer, you ship the stock, and you get paid.

What SuperDisty does for you

Sell in New Markets

Online markets are a great way to address your new customers and to sell in foreign markets. SuperDisty enables global expansion of your business

Incremental Revenue

While brick and mortar retail suffers from small to negative growth, online sales grew by 13% last year. This is a new source of revenue for your business today and a key part of your strategy for tomorrow .

Get Started

We are committed to add value to your business. So we take care of development, integration, setup and training.


You can focus on shipping your products and getting paid. SuperDisty updates your product catalog and pricing. We automate the management of orders in and out.

We adapt to your environment

SuperDisty integrates with Amazon and connects with your existing ERP. We offer different integration levels and flexible setups to fit your business


Setting up your own online platform is a long-term investment and commitment to support your strategy. Established online markets like Amazon already have a strong customer base, brand loyalty and trust. This is your opportunity to immediately put your products on their shelf to meet demand. That’s what SuperDisty allows you to do.

If you are still not sure how to take advantage of Online Marketplaces, we are a phone call away to giving you answers. You can also find guidance on our page: Can my business profit from online markets?

Online Markets are affecting your business. Does it play to your advantage? With SuperDisty the answer is yes.

Elaine RalphElaine Ralph, SuperDisty

It depends.
There are different ways for you to trade with online retailers (B2B, B2C, B2B2C...) and keep control of how you sell your products (price, location, type of customer...).
Let's be honest, the industry has a certain reluctance, if not fear of embracing the online markets. They are so successful because they add value to the customer and because so many people and companies prefer it. This shift in buying behaviour is a fact, and embracing it is an opportunity for your company to add value to the supply chain.

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No, that's one of the many benefits of working with us.

SuperDisty will generate revenue for you. We charge a fixed monthly fee and a commission on the increase in revenue we deliver for you.

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