The most advanced solution for Amazon Vendor Central

SuperDisty provides a solution for Amazon Vendors to rely on software automation rather than human resources to manage the increasing complexity of growing a successful business on Amazon. While Amazon relies on fully automated processes to maximize their business opportunities and increase profitability, it is daunting to do the same for Vendors when they don't have the equivalent tools to do so. Especially when looking to increase their sales volume with Amazon, the ability to manage a high volume of orders efficiently becomes a necessity. SuperDisty provides intelligent software automation to Amazon Vendors in a simple and secure environment to achieve that.

Do Less

Listing products, updating prices, calculating profitability, sourcing stock, consolidating shipments. All these aspects and many more are part of the day to day routine of trading with online retailers. SuperDisty will handle all of it for you.

Sell more

SuperDisty allows you to sell more products, manage more suppliers, source stock faster.

Stay safe

SuperDisty is designed to comply with online retailers regulations. Compliance can pressure your company in terms of time and financial risk.

EDI and Beyond

SuperDisty includes in built EDI to automates communications between you and your clients. SuperDisty fully streamlines your online sale by managing all tasks from pricing to dispute resolution.

Empower your ERP

SuperDisty integrates with many ERP and provides multiple level of integrations to suit your business need.

Is SuperDisty for me?

If Amazon is becoming too difficult to manage, if Amazon drains too much of your time&resources or if you are looking to scale your business online, then yes. SuperDisty will offer you solutions. We are already looking forward to hear from your experience and define a plan to help your business, click here to get in touch.

If you are still not convinced, let’s hear from our partners, how SuperDisty has changed their business.


This often helps :

SuperDisty integrates with Amazon Vendor and Seller Central . We are always open to new ideas, so if you are looking for help on another marketplace, let us know.

SuperDisty has full EDI functionalities built in. We are not, however, an EDI provider. We do more. EDI automates communication between companies. SuperDisty adds value...

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SuperDisty is currently available in English.

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