Where we come from

The idea to create SuperDisty comes from our own experience working in distribution and working with online retailers. Elaine Ralph and Gabriel Nolan cofounded SuperDisty after working 20 years in IT distribution and witnessing the shift towards online marketplaces and the challenges that came along with it.

As a distributor, online retailers were a key sales opportunity and soon became vital to our business. We needed to find a way to efficiently manage a large catalogue of products and high volume of orders. Established retailers like Amazon buy directly from manufacturers and distributors but place demanding rules on suppliers. Non-conformance with rules results in lost business, negative performance scores and financial fines. Therefore, we also wanted a solution to manage new business requirements specific to online channels. Finally, we wanted a solution that would adapt to your business and integrate seamlessly with your existing ERP systems.

We created SuperDisty to meet our own needs and continued to improve our capabilities to meet the requirements of manufacturers and distributors.

Our mission

We want to be your partner for online sales and grow your business. If you manufacture or distribute physical products, SuperDisty is the immediate choice to increase your market penetration and scale efficiently.

SuperDisty is available to all distributors and manufacturers. SuperDisty manages product data feeds to online traders, accepts or rejects orders based on a customer’s multiple predefined criteria and charges a transaction fee based on sales achieved through our interface. This provides a very cost-effective way for companies to enter new online trading platforms with no upfront costs. We streamline decisions and automate repetitive tasks to maximise your profit. Continuously scaling your business is as important to us as it is to you. This is why we track, analyse and report lost business opportunities in real time.


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